20 November 2014

KTM promotes popular sports: "ROOKIES CHALLENGE" as of 2015 at the "X-BOW BATTLE"!!

With the "X-BOW BATTLE", KTM and event organizer Georg Silbermayr have, over the past five years, offered a world-class one-make racing series that represents thrilling, high-class motorsports action for up to 40 dedicated, semi-professional drivers. As of 2015, beginners, amateurs and young drivers will be given the opportunity to drive the safest and most spectacular one-make cup racing car - the KTM X-BOW - at a very attractive pricing. With the "ROOKIES CHALLENGE" it is possible to purchase a full racing season, which includes six events and 12 races, starting from 19,500 euros - a sensational bargain.

Starting in the upcoming 2015 racing season, the "X-BOW ROOKIES CHALLENGE" offers nothing less than professionally supervised motor sports for beginners, amateurs and rookies in one of the world’s most exciting racing cars. The competition will represent a separate category as part of the "BATTLE SPRINT" racing program.

Ten driver slots are to be made available for the opening round of the season, which kicks off at the Pannoniaring in Hungary on May 8-9, 2015. As in the 'big' racing series, cars will be on the grid fitted with Michelin slick tires, however power is limited to 270 hp. To ensure equal opportunities for all competitors, the vehicles will be allotted by draw before the start of each race weekend, and during the event the set-up will remain unmodified (it will be calibrated by KTM factory driver Reini Kofler ahead of each race).

Key facts about the new racing series:

  • "Arrive and Drive" full service package, the ideal introduction to motorsport
  • Six race weekends each of two races from 19,500 euros (net)
  • Support from the KTM factory mechanics team
  • Tires, transport, wear and tear, fuel – all-inclusive, no hidden costs
  • All security features in a full carbon monocoque vehicle, as is the case in the "BATTLE"
  • Professional press support for the entire race series
  • Registration for individual events possible – starting from 3,500 euros (net)
  • Special rates for driver gear (helmet, suit, HANS, etc.)

Participation requirements:

  • Younger than 30 years or
  • no more than five starts in the "X-BOW BATTLE"
  • Valid racing license according to existing regulations

Attractive prices for the year's best drivers:

Representing the ultimate highlight of the 2015 racing season, the top three participants of the "X-BOW ROOKIES CHALLENGE" are to receive the following amazing prizes:

1st prize: Participation in a "X-BOW BATTLE SPRINT" race weekend in 2016 for free 
2nd Prize: Complete KTM driver’s gear (helmet, HANS, suit, shoes, gloves)
3rd prize: KTM Power Wear voucher for 1,000 euros

The dates for the coming season are the same as those of the "X-BOW BATTLE" and include both legendary and demanding racetracks. In addition to the 'home game' at the Red Bull Ring, a season’s highlight will be the event that forms part of the Truck Grand Prix at the renowned Nürburgring racing circuit, where 100,000 spectators are expected.

Georg Silbermayr, organizer of the "X-BOW BATTLE", is looking forward to welcoming the new participants: "For us the 'ROOKIES CHALLENGE' is certainly a great addition to our already existing events. The KTM X-BOW is ideal for motorsport beginners. It is one of the safest vehicles for circuit racing. It is very fast and after a short adjustment period in the threshold range, it is easily to maneuver. In addition, drivers learn motor racing in its purest form, without racing ABS, traction control or power steering. A good X-BOW driver will have a much easier time in other categories. But this will not be an issue for the participants, as we offer the ideal opportunity for advancement to the next higher motor sport class with the "X-BOW BATTLE". I am certain that we can look forward to a very thrilling upcoming first season of the 'ROOKIES CHALLENGE’."

KTM board member Hubert Trunkenpolz, himself a "X-BOW BATTLE" regular, highlights the importance of the 'ROOKIES CHALLENGE' for the KTM Sportcar GmbH motorsport activities, saying: "With the ‘X-BOW BATTLE’ we have created a very attractive One-make series, which has established itself in recent years as one of the most successful racing series in Central Europe. Just as important as continuing this success is for us to establish an additional level above and below. The ‘X-BOW ROOKIES CHALLENGE’ is designed to be an initiation for all those who want to participate in the fascination of racing and the thrilling world of the X-BOW. As one of only a very few car manufacturers who do so, we want to make a clear commitment to grassroots sport and to the promotion of motorsports in general. I look forward to an exciting first season in 2015!"

Fotos: Joel Kernasenko



20 November 2014

"Rookies challenge" at the X-BOW Battle 2015!

With the "X-BOW BATTLE", KTM and event organizer Georg Silbermayr have, over the past five years, offered a world-class one-make racing series that re