Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is the entrance?

The entrance to the racetrack with access to lots of offers is free. Only for the BattleMech Hospitality You Need Extra tickets. DEPENDING on the racetrack, sometimes for the Grandstands There Will Be entrance fees. Information:

Where can I park my car?
  You can park in the designated parking areas .According to the instructions of the security staff.
What can I expect as a visitor at the track?
  More than 8 hours of motor racing at its best. Look around in the paddock, visit the teams in the boxes and find out everything about the KTM-world.
Whom should I contact if I want to participate?

The Entire organization is done by the Silbermayr Consulting AG .To register Use The Entry Forms or contact us via

What happens at the races?
  Information on the various racing series, lake at
Is there a minimum age? Is the driver's license required?

The minimum age for free practice is 18 years and a valid drivers license is required.

For the BATTLE-SPRINT, the ROOKIES-CHALENGE and the BATTLE-ENDURANCE an international racing license level D is required.

Where can I find the guidelines for participating in the BATTLE-SPRINT, ENDURANCE and the BATTLE-BATTLE-Regularity?

The current regulations can be found on the website  at  Downloads - "Regulations".

Do I need a license?

For the BATTLE-SPRINT, the ROOKIES-CHALLENGE and the BATTLE-ENDURANCE minimum requirement is an international D-license.

How to get a racing license?

At the national motorsports authority. In Austria this is the OSK. All information can be found at

When do I have to register myself to be able to start?

Registration deadline is the Wednesday of the week PRECEDING, here in the Silbermayr Consulting AG. Block Entries can be submitted at the beginning of the season. Late entries are subject to availability until the day of the event at at additional cost of € 50, -.

Do I need a full team to take part in the battle-events?

No, you can therefore start Both as at individual as well with a team. Technical support is now Offered by many teams

Am I covered on the racetrack? Who is liable for damages?

The organizer has no automobile liability and collision insurance for the participants and Their vehicles. We recommend to check with your insurer The Question of Whether there is insurance cover for your vehicle at the event. For free practice and BATTLE-regularity, the cars have tob e covered by a liability insurance.

Do I need a helmet?

There is at all events helmet law! Please remember to bring your own helmet.

What is the process?

The time schedule for the upcoming event will be sent to you together with the entrance permission at least one week prior to the event and will be published on our homepage

Do I need a HANS system?

With  the  BATTLE-SPRINT, the ROOKIES-CHALLENGE and the BATTLE-ENDURANCE the HANS-system as well as FIA-homologated driver equipment is prescribed.

Which tires should I use? May I attend only on Michelin tires?

For participants of the BATTLE-SPRINT, the ROOKIES-CHALLENGE and the BATTLE-ENDURANCE exists a tire list. Only these tires are allowed.

At free practice any tires are allowed.

Who is allowed to participate  at the „free practice“?

At  free practice all X-BOW  drivers are allowed to participate, not only participants oft he racing series.      Some turns may bee reserved for special groups of cars.

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